The Leader And Team Success Workshops


Team Development Workshops

  • Increase the level of trust. Encourage your team to communicate honestly and openly. Reduce the fear of making mistakes and create a willingness to take responsibility.


  • Reduce fear of confrontation. When people work together, conflicts are inevitable. Constructive conflict is necessary to keep discussion alive, work through ideas and foster creativity. Toxic conflicts need to be addressed and resolved.


  • Increase commitment. When team members believe in the project and are fully committed they follow up, make progress and seize opportunities.


  • Increase accountability. Committed team members who trust each other and communicate openly, will hold each other accountable and thus focus their joint efforts and energy on achieving outstanding results.


  • Focus on common goals. Understanding the big picture and valuing individual contributions motivates members to pursue team goals over personal agendas. A clear focus on common goals is crucial for high team performance.


Project Acceleration Workshops

  • Acquire project knowledge fast. Focused and structured sharing of expertise and information around content, scope and goals, helps team members build the necessary project knowledge in a very short time.


  • Enhance Effectiveness. To really accept and embody the “Why and How” of mandatory procedures, team members need to be involved in defining the project’s working methods and agree upon them. We help them establish a suitable project management methodology that drastically enhances the team’s effectiveness.


  • Boost motivation. Team members who understand the project and its peculiarities as well as their individual roles, responsibilities and expectations, can fully engage in the tasks at hand and maintain a high level of motivation.


  • Lay a solid foundation from the outset. Some tasks require joint effort, from the very beginning, with the involvement and contribution of all core team members. This ensures a solid foundation for the subsequent project work. It also orients everybody to the key factors of the project and increases the team's commitment.


  • Accelerate work and reduce costs. The effects and benefits listed above are game changers for the team’s ability to deliver. They yield high quality results at lower costs in a shorter time. Additionally, a great team spirit develops through this sense of mutual achievement.


We recommend combining elements of the Team Development Workshop with the Project Acceleration Workshop. It strengthens the team’s collaboration from the start and has a very positive impact on the workshop’s efficiency and outcomes.


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