The Leader And Team Success System


Unhappy that your team’s not quite playing up to their potential?

Shocked by how often they overrun project deadlines and/or planned costs?

Racking your brain to keep up team efficiency as you grow your staff?

Bogged down with operational issues that keep you from important strategic work? 

Frustrated and drained by taking on daily tasks that your team should be handling? 

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that falls to you? 

Does all this sap the energy you need to create long-term value in your business and private life?


Good news. You can turn things around. 


Leader’s Dojo offers a unique combination of individual coaching, team development measures and project acceleration activities.


We call this framework…

The Leader and Team Success System.

Achieve breakthroughs in the following key areas:


Recharge and Maintain Your Personal Energy Levels

As a leader you constantly need to pour energy into your company and invigorate your teams. Aligning your emotions, intentions and actions will boost your energy level, and you become an even more powerful motivator for your team. 


Increase Productivity And Performance

Identify the leadership behaviors that bring your team and yourself into that high performance zone and stay there. Fine-tuning what you do and how you lead raises productivity and effectiveness to the next level.


Facilitate Efficiency, Flexibility and Speed

Optimizing roles, rules and processes enables your staff to operate friction free within a stable yet flexible company structure. We support you in organizing work as a joint effort with your team, thereby reducing costs and accelerating projects.


Foster Close And Committed Collaboration

Increase trust, commitment and goal-orientation. Create an inspiring and motivating work climate. Build strong responsive teams that produce top results fast.  We support you as you create this culture of collaboration.


Make Crucial Changes

Generate the momentum for constructive change. Engage your people in constantly improving your business, thus enabling you to achieve business success as well as personal fulfillment.


We can help you get started.

There are three options to combine or choose from:


Team Development Workshops

  • Increase the level of trust  
  • Reduce fear of confrontation  
  • Increase commitment
  • Increase accountability
  • Focus on common goals


 Project Acceleration Workshops

  • Acquire project knowledge fast
  • Enhance Effectiveness
  • Boost motivation
  • Lay a solid foundation from the outset
  • Accelerate work and reduce costs


Individual Coaching

  • Clarify vision and direction
  • Strategize actions
  • Upgrade skills
  • Optimize company structure and culture
  • Master personal psychology 


A Leadership Strategy Session can get things moving.

It's free.

In a free Skype or phone session we’ll discover the changes that would most benefit you. We’ll take about 60 – 90 min to explore where you are, what you need, and how we can support you.

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