The Leader And Team Success Coaching


Individual Coaching

Having been a coach for so many years, I have learned that there are five areas in which my clients often seek support. Through coaching I help them:


  • Clarify vision and direction. Clients often wish to refine their professional objectives, that is, to achieve a clearer vision of their business and its operative goals. At the same time, they hope to attain a better, healthier balance between their professional and private lives. 


  • Strategize actions. “If you want to achieve this result, how can you make it happen?”


  • Upgrade skills. Specific skill sets may be needed to obtain specific results. For example, a business leader may benefit from sharpening change management or team development skills. 


  • Optimize company structure and culture. Inappropriate role definitions, processes or organizational behavior may be major obstacles. It’s up to business leaders to initiate the structural and cultural changes that help them achieve their goals.


  • Master personal psychology. Through releasing doubts, limiting beliefs, and insecurities, business leaders gain confidence and a sense of empowerment. This naturally inspires and invigorates their teams.



You’ll have a choice between two coaching packages:

A monthly retainer package, with a 3-month minimum in order to support you in achieving lasting results 


A 6-month package requiring an upfront commitment, saving you one month’s coaching fees



A Leadership Strategy Session can get things moving.

It's free.

In a free Skype or phone session we’ll discover the changes that would most benefit you. We’ll take about 60 – 90 min to explore where you are, what you need, and how we can support you.

Book now for your free Leadership Strategy Session here.



Complimentary Session

Book your 60 minute no obligation, FREE Leadership Strategy Session.

Here are some examples of what we might work on:

Successfully lead teams through development and change processes 

Leverage your team's talents

Transfer all tactical and routine work to your team - and keep them eager to perform 

Eliminate work overload, time pressure and the exhaustion it brings

Free up the energy and space needed to focus on what really matters in life and in business

The highly supportive LTS - coaching package gives you:

Access to your private client website which provides you with the tools, forms, schedules, documents, resources, etc. that we will use in the coaching process


An initial goal setting assignment to create clarity and focus


Two  (LTS Coaching) or three (LTS Intensive Coaching) 50-minute coaching sessions via Skype or telephone per month


Two (LTS Coaching) or three (LTS Intensive Coaching) 10-15min laser coaching calls per month to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when “stuff happens” between coaching sessions


Preparation assignments to leverage every minute of your upcoming coaching session


Regular recap assignments to share discoveries with me, deepen your learning and anchor the benefits of your coaching


Homework assignments to keep you working on your goals between coaching sessions – I’ll keep you accountable and give you feedback


Responsive email support for questions or issues that may arise between sessions