About me

Hi, I'm Hans-Joachim Loeblein.

Feel free to call me Hajo - that's the nickname I usually go by.

I am a business coach and team building specialist. I get the most satisfaction from supporting highly motivated and dedicated entrepreneurs and business leaders in meeting business and teamwork challenges.

I help them increase their personal effectiveness, establish powerful systems, engage their staff and build high performing teams as well as assisting them become better leaders so they can both thrive in business and regain a fulfilling private life.


How Do I Do It?

My company, Leader’s Dojo, provides coaching and team facilitation services that support you on the journey to:

  • Clarify your vision of what you want to achieve

  • Define strategic objectives that guide your business

  • Design organizational structures that energize your operations

  • Build strong and responsive teams that are eager to perform and produce top results fast 

  • Accelerate projects and free yourself from routine work

  • Refine your leadership skills to optimize your effectiveness and efficiency

  • Balance business and private life

Apart from my in-depth psychological training, I have an engineering background, so as coach I understand both worlds of my clients. I also have always worked in an international environment and understand cross cultural challenges in teams and people who live abroad.


What A Free Exploration Session Can Do For You 

In a free Skype or phone session we’ll discover in which areas change would be most beneficial to you. We’ll take about 60 – 90 min to explore where you are, what you need, and how we can support you.

Book now for your free exploration session here!


Complimentary Session

Book your 60 minute no obligation, FREE Leadership Strategy Session.


 Leader's Dojo

The Japanese term “Dojo” means “place of the way”, a space where a community of practitioners meets to perfect their skills. 

Leader’s Dojo provides an inspiring and supportive environment for leadership skill building and team development. 

We welcome you to the Leader’s Dojo community of like minded peers, entrepreneurs and business leaders who come together to hone their talents and enhance their business expertise.